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    NOTE: An order moves through our system quickly if the Purchase Order (or Order Form) is sent electronically as a separate file along with the artwork. Please do NOT fax a duplicate of the Purchase Order.


Page Layout:
     • Download item template

Sending Artwork as PDF:
     • High-resolution (print quality) PDF documents. Include 1/8" bleed at trim edges.


Sending Artwork as Layout Files from "Native" Program:
     Collect all elements: use "Package" & "Collect for Output" in program.

     Fonts:       • Printer and screen fonts. Use font from list - not styles: bold, italic, etc.
                     • Type in Illustrator files: Convert to outlines/paths (curves in CorelDraw).

     Images:    • Hi-res photos: 300 dpi CMYK & grayscale. No RGB/72 dpi graphics.
                     • Scan/line art: 1200 dpi, bitmap images.
                     • Save as: PSD or TIF format.

     Graphics:  • Vector (outline) art: Convert all type to outlines.
                     • Use proper color mode (CMYK - not RGB).
                     • Save as: EPS format.

Ink Color in Your Artwork:
     • ALL COLOR GRAPHICS MUST BE CMYK. Not RGB or PMS (spot) colors.

     Images:    • Rich Black: Text, thin rules and thin graphic elements should be specified as 100% black (no CMYK).
                       Build larger, solid black areas at: C60%, M40%, Y40%, K100% (240% ink coverage).

                     • Blue in CMYK graphics: Blue can cast toward purple - how to avoid this?
                      Refer to Pantone® 4-Color Process Guide & Pantone® Color Bridge.
                      Select a blue-formula with 30% more cyan than magenta in the mixture.

Avoid Errors in Your Files:
     • Proofread and test print your files: Print color separations. Added charges apply if we need to modify your files.
       We are not responsible for errors in supplied files.

Accepted Programs (Mac or PC)
• InDesign
• Illustrator
• Photoshop
• QuarkXpress
• CorelDraw - convert type to curves

We do NOT accept the following:
• Microsoft Publisher
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Word
• PageMaker: convert to InDesign

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