Artwork (Guidelines & Templates)
We have an all electronic workflow and work with all MAC and MAC compatible files. Artwork must be created on our design templates. Follow art guidelines and design restrictions in template; use acceptable programs. When sending files via FTP or email, all files MUST include your dealer information, purchase order number and job name. Incorrect files and files created without our item template may delay production and can incur prep charges. Files are archived for 12 months.

Changes or Cancellations
Changes to orders in progress may or may not require additional cost and/or time. Cancellation after order is in progress will require payment for work already performed or materials generated.

Color Matching
ColorWorx® is a "gang run" style print company. Your job may run on a press sheet with other jobs and will be run to standard color densities. The overall dominant color on a sheet may cause individual job colors to shift slightly. We make every effort to produce a reasonable representation, but ColorWorx®, DOES NOT GUARANTEE AN EXACT COLOR MATCH. Reorders may vary between runs. If you require a color match or your job needs to match other pieces, let us know prior to placing your order.

Copy Errors
Customer files are reviewed before output to ensure accuracy and that your expectations are met. However, we are not liable for errors in customer submitted files. Additionally, when a remake is warranted the order will be produced according to the original specifications, without alteration.

Damaged Goods/Claims
It is important to inspect all materials upon arrival. In the case of loss or damage in transit, the liability is that of the carrier and not ColorWorx®. Please mark shipper "received damaged" and contact us immediately. A claim must be filed with the carrier within 10 days after receipt of merchandise. All other claims must be made within 30 days of delivery. Our liability is specifically limited to the value of the product we manufacture.

Express ID Badges
Copy will NOT bleed off edges - prints almost to the end of the badge (a thin white line will appear at outer edges). Keep live copy (type, etc.) 1/8" in from edges. 24-hour schedule is based on approved credit and acceptable file output. If a proof is required, production time begins AFTER proof approval. Complete information must be received by NOON EST (M-F) and your order ships the next day. Service is not provided on weekends or holidays.

Plastic Card Options
May require additional charges and production time based on the specifics of your order.

    Barcodes: We use code 3 of 9 (also known as Code 39). Numbering is included with barcoding; numbering provides human readable characters that appear below the barcode. Submit data in an Excel or CSV file. Barcodes will print in BLACK INK only.

    Calendars: We have a variety of standard forms that can be added tot he back of your plastic card.

    Magnetic Stripes (30 mil): We need to know which type of magnetic stripe: low coercivity (LoCo) or high coercivity (HiCo). The type you will need is determined by the Point of Sale or lock system used. Each 1/2" magnetic stripe contains 3 tracks of data. Our magnetic stripes are not encoded unless specifically requested.

    Encoding (30 mil): We need to know on which track(s) to encode the data. You need to provide a data file (Excel, CSV, TXT) with the information we are to encode or provide a starting number if the data is simple consecutive numbering. Always check with your POS provider, some provide data files or have specific guidelines regarding the structure of the data.

    Signature Panel (30 mil): A semi-opaque white writable surface. Allows you to add info on the card at a later time, such as expiration dates, member's name, signature, etc.

    Variable Data: Available on all digital print products. Elements such as text, graphics, photos, etc. may be changed from piece to piece without stopping or slowing down the press. Submit copy in a data file (Excel or CSV).

Printing (offset/general)
Four color process only. Prices are based on customer supplied, print ready files in acceptable programs on our templates. Process graphics must be in CMYK and not RGB or PMS. We are not responsible for color shifts that may occur when PMS colors in files or RGB files are converted to CMYK. Refer to the Pantone® 4-Color Process Guide and Pantone® Color Bridge for assistance with process color builds. Never rely on color monitors for accurate color representation. (See Color Matching)

Printing (Digital)
Four color process only. Digital printing is more cost effective on smaller quantities and has shorter turn-around times. It also gives you the opportunity to print variable text or images. Since digital printing simulates PMS colors using four color process toner based inks, color matching to the Pantone® Matching System is less accurate. Large solid areas and screen tints produce better on an offset press. Digital printing will not match offset printing. Products that are printed digitally are indicated in the individual product specs.

Production Time
Most orders ship in 3-5 working days or less from receipt of acceptable submitted art files. ColorWorx® cannot be held responsible for delays due to incorrectly submitted files. Additional time and charges may be required to alter or fix incorrect files. Production times are exclusive of delivery time and are non-contractual. Production days are Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.

Are available for an additional charge. Changes to proofs may incur additional charges. Normal production time is required after proof approval.

Rights to Promote
The plant reserves the right to use all products produced by the plant in the plant's advertising, promotional literature, displays and sample programs.

A reasonable number of samples are available FREE of charge and are sent regular mail or ground. Expedited ship methods are available.

Freight F.O.B. factory in Michigan. We normally ship UPS ground delivery inside the Continental U.S. Expedited ship methods are available.

Union Label
Can be added to any product upon request for no additional charge.

UV Coating
All items on cover stock have a high gloss UV finish applied to top (front) side of sheet. You cannot write or inkjet on UV Coating.